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 Video Gait Analysis

VIDEO GAIT ANALYSIS is the analysis of how your foot functions when you walk or run



An Over-Pronating
foot-type looks like this.

Over-Pronating foot-type

This is what happens to your
body when you Over-Pronate

Internal Rotation - Pronation

To help correct over-pronation you need to wear a SUPPORT shoe.


An Over-Pronating foot-type wearing a  CORRECTLY FITTED SUPPORT shoe.
Correctly Fitted Support Shoe
An Over-Pronating foot-type wearing an INCORRECTLY FITTED NEUTRAL shoe
Incorrectly Fitted neutral Shoe



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City to Surf training starts again from our Tauranga store!!

Help to prevent injury
Enjoy more comfort

siliconCOACH Video Gait Analysis

When you come in to purchase running, walking, work or gym shoes we offer you a FREE siliconCOACH video gait analysis which helps us select the correct shoe for your foot type.
  • Help to prevent injury
  • Enjoy more comfort
  • Enhance your performance
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28 Day Fit Guarantee

WE OFFER - A 28 day fit guarantee on all sports shoes purchased after using our FREE video gait analysis.

You have 28 days to make sure you are happy with your shoes. We will replace them or refund your purchase if you are not happy.

Padiatrist in Store

Padiatrist in Store
We have a Podiatrist from Foot Mechanics instore every Tuesday afternoon for a FREE 15 minute consultation between 4.00pm and 6.00pm
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